Communication accommodation theory

Health commun 199810(4):343-55 nurturing communication by health professionals toward patients: a communication accommodation theory approach watson b(1), gallois c author information: (1)school of psychology, the university of queensland, australia [email protected] this study explores the role of. Communication accommodation theory essaysaccording to infante, 1997 communication accommodation theory (cat) is defined as asserts that during communication, people try to adjust their style of speech to others they do this in order to gain approval, increase communication efficiency, and. Communication accommodation theory: a look back and a look ahead gallois, c , ogay, t and giles, h (2005) communication accommodation theory: a look back and a look ahead in w gudykunst (ed), theorizing about intercultural communication (pp 121-148) thousand oaks, ca, usa: sage. The convergeance skit was correct the divergeance skit was not, because you both agreed that the dates were bad, instead one girl states the bad date while the other gal disagrees with you same goes for the people at work were annoying one should state it, while the other girl disagrees but still a. Research finds that student effectiveness can be related to how well a student interacts and communicates in the classroom, supporting the notion that student- student interaction is important (frymier, 2005 poulou, 2009) according to sidelinger and booth-butterfield (2010), student-student connectedness (defined as a. Interview conducted by andrew ledbetter, author of a first look at communication theory find more resources on this and other communication theories at www. Communication accommodation theory by howard giles postulates that while interacting with each other, people adjust their speech, vocal patterns and gestures, to accommodate others it can be done in a conscious or unconscious manner, without you even realizing it we can match accent, speed of.

Full-text paper (pdf): communication accommodation theory. This long-awaited collection of new perspectives on communication accommodation theory (cat), edited by howard giles, whose name is synonymous with cat, is most welcome the chapters contributed by leading international scholars include cutting-edge research on theoretical issues, and both quantitative and. Communication accommodation theory focuses on the role of conversations in our lives the theory has been incorporated in a number of different studies for instance, accommodation has been studied in the mass media (bell, 1991), with families (fox, 1999), with chinese students (hornsey & gallois, 1998), with the.

Communication accommodation theory (cat) is a general theoretical framework for both interpersonal and intergroup communication it seeks to explain and predict why, when, and how people adjust their communicative behavior during social interaction (including mediated contact), and what social. Communication accommodation theory 1 understanding and applying communication accommodation theory shelly holland 6539464 university of california san. Communication accommodation theory in conversation with second language learners by mahdi rahimian a thesis submitted to the faculty of graduate studies of the university of manitoba in partial fulfilment of the requirements of the degree of master of arts department of linguistics university of manitoba.

16 communication accommodation theory howard giles and tania ogay university of california, santa barbara introduction imagine a conversation between an older male professor of british origin, a male african american undergraduate student, and a female postdoctoral student from switzerland taking. The thesis discusses the issue of accommodation theory and language and the media to be more specific, the thesis discusses how the two are interconnected it deals with the concept of communication accommodation theory in general – assumptions, background, strengths and weaknesses, convergence and. Hence the wider notion of cat (communication accommodation theory giles et al 1987) convergence has been defined as a strategy whereby individuals adapt to each other's communicative behaviors in terms of a wide range of linguistic-prosodic-nonverbal features including speech rate, pausal phenomena and. Communication accommodation theory (cat) is currently the most encompassing theory of language use in social situations it seeks to explain not only language use, but also the social psychological processes underlying language use at cat's core is three adaption strategies: convergence, maintenance, and.

Communication accommodation theory

Communication accommodation theory (cat), revised and elaborated over the past 40 years, has been applied to a wide range of situations, from families to courtrooms, and from media to hospitals, by means of diverse methodologies in many disciplines, and across numerous languages and cultures.

  • Communication accommodation theory (cat) is a theory of communication developed by howard giles this theory concerns (1) the behavioral changes that people make to attune their communication to their partner, and (2) the extent to which people perceive their partner as appropriately attuning to them this theory is.
  • Theory overview (9th edition) people in intercultural encounters who see themselves as unique individuals will adjust their speech style and content to mesh with others whose approval they seek people who want to reinforce a strong group identification will interact with those outside the group in a way that accentuates.
  • When we talk with other people, we will change our style of speech towards the style used by the listener.

Cambridge core - sociolinguistics - communication accommodation theory - edited by howard giles. These issues were considered within the theoretical context of communication accommodation theory (cat) as it is a broad yet pragmatic communication theory that allows to take into consideration various aspects of communication (soliz & giles 2012, 3–4), as opposed to other, more confined theories the work group. Communication accommodation theory 1 rachael bailey, hermonbrhane, sandra peck,serenity buie, and brittany wengert 2 1- from whence doth it come 2- watch cat explained in a work environment 3- convergence 4- divergence 5- over-accommodation 6- maintenance 7- in groups.

communication accommodation theory Group memberships provide a system of orientation for self-definition and self- reference in the process of relating to and managing social distance with others, and the use of language and communication serve central roles in the processes in the nearly four decades since its inception as speech accommodation theory,.
Communication accommodation theory
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